What is Communication for Development (C4D)?

C4D is a people-centered process. It means using communication tools and activities to support and help create social and behaviour change in a meaningful and sustained way. C4D is used to understand different contexts and people’s knowledge, attitudes and practices around a certain issue to be able to then work with them to develop empowering and positive messages and tools.

IOM X applies Communication for Development (C4D) strategies to support positive behaviour change for the prevention of human trafficking and exploitation in targeted countries across the ASEAN region.

How can a C4D approach help fight human trafficking?

Behaviour change is a long and complex process, and it goes beyond simply providing information. A participatory process, where targeted groups are part of the design and implementation of an intervention/campaign/project, allows for a deeper understanding of the problem and related factors that can motivate and promote changes in the way people act. Applying C4D strategies (such as Behaviour Change Communication, also known as BCC) can help to inform and empower people to practice positive behaviours.

IOM X focuses on behaviours that will help people in the ASEAN region to:

  • protect themselves from human trafficking;

  • be less likely to contribute to the exploitation of someone else;

  • have greater understanding and empathy for migrants and victims of trafficking;

  • inspire social action; and

  • improve counter-trafficking communication activities among stakeholders.

This can ultimately lead to helping reduce human trafficking and exploitation.




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