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Jika Anda menyaksikan atau mengalami #eksploitasi dari majikan, kunjungi untuk menemukan nomor hotline di negera Anda!

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IOM X Connect Singapore

On 24 November 2015 IOM X, USAID, the US Embassy and Microsoft held a workshop with a group of Singaporean university students.

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Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal activities in the world. Help us STOP EXPLOITATION, by learning more about it..

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Trafficking in children (under the age of 18) is the recruitment, transferring, transporting, harboring or receiving of children for the purpose of exploitation of any kind. The worst forms of child labour include sexual exploitation, forced labour and forced combat.
One of the best tools at your disposal to help stop human trafficking is... YOU!
Start sharing what you learn with others in your community.

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